The Portuguese footwear industry began 2017 just as it had ended the previous year: by growing in its external markets. Once the final numbers are in, this should be the eighth year of consecutive growth for the sector internationally. Since 2009, exports have risen by 59% to achieve a new record high at the end of 2016.

The sector’s stellar results are often considered to be genuine «case studies», of interest to a range of international organisations, and studied in classrooms all over the world.

The most common question heard is “how is it possible for the sector to achieve such good results?” If it is a complex question, the answer is even more so. There are various factors which have contributed towards the international consolidation of Portuguese footwear. First of all, it is a question of attitude. This year alone, 200 companies are taking part in 70 fairs around the world. And then it is the result of a dedicated course of action, with no interruptions and with strategic definition being consolidated since the end of the 1970s. Finally, investment has been made over many consecutive years, first in innovation and the development of a quality service, then in the creation of brands and finally promoting to external markets.

But are these recent great results good enough to guarantee the future? The sector as a whole defined its main goal to be seen as “the international benchmark for sophistication and good taste”. It is a daring ambition, for which reason Portuguese companies will continue to step up the pace as we head towards a more competitive future. Until that time… the shoes must go on.


These are probably the best of portuguese shoes industry at the moment. Enjoy it!


Those are the figures of 2017 First Semester


Million Pairs

960 million €

Export Sales




2017 Campaign

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