Carina Caldeira

All we need is Glitter

She is from Northern Portugal and always had the ambition of conquering the world. She studied in New York, has worked at the prestigious Interview magazine and is the host of the Portuguese TV show with most glitter.

Who is Carina Caldeira?

It’s so hard to make this analysis about ourselves… Carina is a dreamer and a woman full of energy, who loves to communicate. Always with a positive life philosophy, full of glitter.

You must have flaws…

Of course I have flaws! The biggest is being impulsive and being impatient, not knowing how to wait.

You’ve studied abroad. That option of yours has allowed you to see the world in different ways or was it a strategy to conquer a demanding audience that is, more often than not, actually down-to-earth?

When I decided to go study in New York, the main goal was to get more knowledge in the communication field, with different methods from ours [here in Portugal].

I did an internship at Interview magazine and that was my first contact with the fashion world.

I learned the production steps of a publication until it reaches the stands. The whole creative process is, indeed, fascinating! But, actually, I got to know even more about myself as a person. I stepped out of my comfort zone, when I was 23, and all of the sudden, I had to find solutions in the biggest city in the world, all on my own. I grew up more on those years, than in my entire life. The experience of living has, definitely, made a new person, free of prejudices. I viewed the world in different ways, and I changed my way of looking into life and even living it. It was an amazing experience.

When you left that experience, you came to Lisbon. Do you miss the North of Portugal or have you already established Lisbon as your home?

I have the best of both cities. I go to Oporto, at least, twice a month to work and end up going to see my family and friends and visit the places I like. Therefore, I don’t actually miss it. I love Oporto! It is my city, the place I grew up in and where my roots are. It is and will always be my city. I chose Lisbon to live in because there are more opportunities, both in my communication field and Francisco’s field (who’s my husband and is he a music producer).

And we’re very happy in Lisbon. I love this city too and I feel very welcomed here. So, there is no space to actually miss anything.

Do you think there could be more glitter in this greyish world?

There should be a lot more glitter, yes, but at this time we’re living in, it’s not always easy to see the positive side of life. Even I have had some difficult moments. Suddenly, the world stopped. And we are going through an adaption to this new reality.

I try to focus on thanking God for my family and loved ones being healthy and safe, which is the most important thing, and I thank for that every day. And I try to find alternatives to the reality we live in, which is what a glitter girl does: looks for positive solution, even in the most complicated situations.

You have interviewed a lot of celebrities in your show. Would you highlight anyone in specific?

That’s really hard to answer, and even unfair to just say one person, because, in some way, all them have surprised and taught me different perspectives about several matters in life. And that’s the magic of my job and I love the most about it. Being able to talk with the most incredible people is my favorite part about what I do.

Is there anyone you haven’t interviewed yet, but you’d love to?

Right now, I’m thinking Cristiano Ronaldo.

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