95 Portuguese companies on the ground. But size doesn’t matter: from Valentine’s Day to February 17th, Made in Portugal showed that quality trumped numbers by far. Milan welcomed the world’s most prestigious brands and gathered them bellow the same roof (maybe they were seven roofs, but who’s counting?) to see, sell, trade, buy and drool over next season’s major trends. Can we say the best one is Portuguese design? Yes. It’s safe to assume that what the world thought of as a country that married quality with lower prices is now growing design wise, adapting its artisanal roots to the evolving technology and hiring designers whose fresh take on leather and fur, heels and comfort. And we are with them, whether they stay in Milan, fly to China, jump to Dubai or shine in Lisbon. We are taking our Portuguese shoes wherever they want to go, because if the shoes must go on, they need someone to hold them tight.

By Irina Chitas