The Portuguese footwear exports increased by 2% in the first quarter of 2016. During this period, Portugal exported 22 million pairs of shoes with total value of 402 million euros.

The Portuguese footwear grew in nearly all relevant international markets. In Europe the growth was 2,4% with special highlight to France (over 4,2% to 114 million euros), Netherlands (over 3,3% to 68 million) and Spain (over 4,6% to 52 million euros).

Outside Europe the attention is mainly focused on the good performance of the USA (over 32% to 17 million euros), Russia (over 3,3% to 7 million euros), Canada (0,5% to 4,9 million euros), China (over 42% to 3,6 million euros) and Australia (over 46% to 3,4% million euros).