A fundamental detail for looking good, every woman knows that a beautiful pair of shoes can also be something to be adored. Who says so is Carrie Bradshaw, the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘Sex and the City’, with her enormous collection of shoes and her passion for Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. But Helsar and No Studio, Portuguese brands of footwear, show that shoes can be real jewels.

Created in 1979, Helsar is a luxury brand that has been targeting new market segments, specifically with a personalised line of bride’s shoes. Because it manufactures for major international brands, Helsar was present at the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, worn by Carol and Pippa Middleton, the bride’s mother and sister. But Helsar’s most recent innovation comes from a partnership with Goris, a jewellery company, which developed the filigree pieces for two pairs of shoes presented in Portojoia, the international jewellery and watchmakers trade fair, and which are now available for sale to the public, by order.

Patrícia Correia, Helsar’s designer, explains that these shoes can be ordered with silver or gold filigree, with a sale price of between 900 and eight thousand Euros. The company loved the experience and is already developing new luxury models, again using these metals and also precious stones. A “very particular” niche aimed at women who like “original and almost exclusive pieces”, she explains.

Much more recent is No Studio, created in 2014 and with only two collections on the market, but which made an impression by their association of pearls, Swarovski crystals, brass applications, chains and piercings on both men’s and women’s shoes. It may come as no surprise that the person in charge of the brand’s design is a jewellery designer. Ana Garcia usually even says that In the Studio does not sell shoes, it sells jewels for your feet. And that is the spirit of the brand that has targeted a market niche with growth potential.

No Studio offfers “daring and sexy” shoes, which aim to “challenge” the conventions of the world of fashion through the “hybridization of functions and styles, resulting from an architectural vision that considers form, personality and proportion”. Promising “elegance that lights up one’s dreams, exalting the desire of the sophisticated lady and of the audacious gentleman, inflaming their sinful minds with a touch of romanticism”. Jewels are inherently synonymous with passion, luxury and romance.