The way I see it is, if I didn’t have any work, I wouldn’t just sit there and do nothing. When my friends say they have no work, I tell them: my friend, then come up with something yourself. And it’s not enough to have one idea, or even lots of them. Ideas, everybody has those. You’ve got to make them happen. That’s the way I see things. If you don’t get it, then do it yourself. I get rejected all the time. I take it in my stride. If you didn’t get it, it wasn’t meant to be. I come up with my own ideas, that’s the truth”.

(2014 in Jornal de Negócios newspaper)

He likes to live his life on the stage. He’s 30, and began his adult life as a contemporary dancer, a passion which took him from the Portuguese interior to the capital. This was followed by acting work for the Teatro Politeama, where he remained for seven years working with Filipe La Féria. Immediately following this he studied at the Conservatory, where he soon realised treading the boards was not for him. He quickly relinquished the spotlight to take on the most feared job of all in show business, that of stage director. Theatre is his “great love”, as he tends to say and the critics have praised him as one of the talents to watch out for. Welcome Daniel Gorjão!

He has staged work at the Dona Maria National Theatre, founded the collective Rosa 74 Teatro and in 2014, the Teatro do Vão. He is currently staging Júlia, based on Strindberg’s classic Miss Julie, where love and the question of social barriers hold sway. “What matters is the driving force behind this passion (between Jean and Julie), the raw desire which draws us to each other like wild animals and breaks down any barrier in our way, to find the other and ultimately ourselves.”

He also works extensively for television, as casting director for RTP2 and performing arts consultant. He also finds time to be director of the programme What’s Up – Olhar a Moda.