Rui. His passion, not for nothing also his surname, is the art of stagecraft, of entertaining, of making people laugh. And sometimes crying. He moves his body like other people move their hands. His is a face that is never still. After graduating from studies in Theatre Arts he created the project Cão à Chuva, and rapidly caught the attention of those who love the arts.

In 2015, at the tender age of 22, he was the revelation of Imaginarius, the street theatre festival in Seville, winning the award for emerging artist. That was enough for Cirque du Soleil to come knocking at his door. He became the only Portuguese artist to belong to this glorious circus company. In Las Vegas, Rui gave his all in a unique, inspired performance, being one of the five actors to be chosen to play a clown among the 70 candidates vying for a place in the gigantic circus company.

In his shows, anything can happen. He is no traditional clown. He doesn’t wear a red nose, and neither does he dress up in funny clothes. He’s not always there to make us laugh; you might even cry. But he wholeheartedly believes in what drives his clowning around – the art of improvisation – where much more than a performance it is nothing but a game. A game where there are no rules.

“Lullaby” in 2015, “Pozzo, Vicente and the Old Woman” in 2016. 2017 promises to be an even better year for the actor who makes entire worlds out of nothing. For the time being, Rui is busy taking his different creations on tour around Europe, not to get stamps in his passport but in the desire to bring culture to the masses. Even when culture is a mirror of our habits, in all their simplicity.