This is a woman. A proud, deeply sensual woman. A sexy woman. By day, she can be seen wearing sneakers, an oversized but well-cut poplin shirt, her gorgeous messy hair reflecting what’s going on in her head. She goes home, puts some music on, pours herself a glass of red wine, runs a bath. She opens her closet, reaches for her high heels and that dress – the short silk number with bare shoulders and long sleeves – and takes them out for a spin. She comes back in the morning, still wearing her heels, that dress, and that same messy hair.

Ten years ago, Diogo Miranda became a brand. He began designing for this woman, who might be a banker, a socialite, an artist. No matter what she does, she can never be called uptight. Diogo Miranda started off, and still is, designing for powerful women, fearless women, those who know Yves, Christian and Raf by their first names. The ones who create style, who create trends whenever they walk outside the house, without even paying much attention to how they look. Or do they?

This is so evident in his latest collection that it almost hurts – the good kind of pain, obviously. Miranda’s woman has been growing up with him, gaining confidence, fine-tuning her choices, clearing out her closet. For the autumn of 2017, she is feeling a little Guy Bourdin. A little 80’s. A little excessive. A lot Diogo Miranda.

He always had it in him. Growing up in the shoe factories of Felgueiras, with a profound awareness of all things aesthetic and a deep respect for architecture, it was no wonder that his name has become a regular feature on Portugal’s fashion calendar. But, unlike many of his peers, he did not start off with high hopes and dreams, and had no sense of what it takes to become a brand. Within ten years, he has become one of Portugal’s most successful designers, mostly because he is so tuned into what it takes to be successful. It’s not just about making beautiful clothes – although this is a major part of it. It takes sacrifice, countless hours at the office, and the coolest partner of them all (the strikingly beautiful Helena Pereira), who not only has the marketing genius that took them beyond borders, she also has a profound sense of femininity, boldness, and fun. They have fun together, and it shows.

A collection must be a materialisation of the soul, and every three months or so, Miranda pours his heart out in the form of oversized bomber jackets, mini dresses, extreme volume and lighter-than-air silks that not only make us swoon, but sell well, too, all over the world. For a dreamer, he is extremely down-to-earth. He has a strong presence and a sweet voice, but never loses the sparkle in his eyes, almost as if he is constantly analysing everything around him, as if he is constantly creating inside a mind that never sleeps. A true dreamer never sleeps.