She is one of Portugal’s most highly regarded creative people. She took her first steps as a designer at Portugal Fashion and quickly caught the eye of the dedicated specialist press.

And then she one day moved to Paris. She began all over again and in this new incarnation, Elisabeth Teixeira has shown there are no limits to a natural-born talent. She spends her day at Colette, where she brings her allure to one of the most respected fashion stores in the world, founded in 1997 and which seeks to reinvent the way we shop, every single day. Keeping up with the times and being innovative are essential to its mix of styles, at the crossroads between form, technology, art, street wear and beauty.

But Elisabeth Teixeira’s most recent incarnation has not stopped there at rue Saint-Honoré. There is also her blog, Une Morue à Paris. On this journey through the Parisian streets, Elisabeth Teixeira goes in search of even more new worlds, from travel to gastronomy, hip-pop to tattoo trends. Recently, she debuted as a model for a French brand. This new life of Elisabeth Teixeira is as exciting as it sounds.