They are born in the minds of young entrepreneurs. They are the constantly-shifting dreams and daily challenges of sending their ambitions on a voyage of worldwide success.  Many of them with family ties to the footwear industry, others simply carried along by their love for shoes. They set out to bridge gaps in the market and create the perfect brand for all kinds of feet. These are the young brands making a splash on the market. And… they are here to stay.


The story begins like many others in the footwear industry: youngsters born into families traditionally linked to the sector. A passion for shoes is the final piece in the puzzle. Lemoke was founded in 2016, inspired by the desire to continue a legacy of five generations of know-how. A taste for the good things in life and a love for shoes that fit to perfection did the rest.

The brand allies “tradition and high quality to having a team of experienced people with different skills, from management to design with a creative vision of the market, its trends and positioning. We want to give our customers beautiful shoes that stand out and look classic, taking as our inspiration one of the most timeless and iconic pieces of footwear: the Moccasin.” More at:


Friendly Fire

Alexandre, nutritionist. Rute, primary school teacher. The characters in this story could have played their roles to perfection, but they decided to join forces and create… a range of shoes. Friends since they were kids and passionate about design with a touch of whimsy and the unorthodox, Alexandra and Rute created Friendly Fire to reflect their tastes and style.

Heading into its second year of production, the brand is known for its unconventional collections, inspired by the unexpected combinations of materials, colours and patterns. Independent, sophisticated women who appreciate fine detailing are the inspirational muse of the brand. Conceived and produced in Guimarães using the know-how of a manufacturer with more than 25 years’ experience in the sector, Friendly Fire intends to become a leader in the national luxury market. More at:


Personalisation is no longer a novelty in the footwear sector, but with 156 billion combinations all yours at the press of a button? Thanks to Undandy it is now possible.

Undandy is an online sales platform for men’s footwear, conceived for those who want something unique and personalised, and handmade in Portugal. Each model can be completely customised, even getting its own name. To do so, the customer just has to go to the online store, where 156 billion combinations are yours to choose from. In just five easy steps, each pair of shoes can be customised to the finest detail on the brand website (the toe, model, material, shoelaces, stitching) and in two weeks a unique pair of shoes arrives on your doorstep. More at:



They need no introduction at home, while abroad they are also beginning to make waves. They have taken the ballet flat “made-in-Portugal” to become the most expensive of its kind in the world, now with a New York flagship store and every single day dressing the feet of the most carefree figures in the world spotlight. Created by Filipa Júlio the Josefinas ballet flat brand has revolutionised the international market.

She began little more than three years ago, the designer inspired by the ballerinas of her childhood. With just one online store and completely focused on brand awareness   through social media, the brand began to make steady inroads. Instagram was one of the most effective promotional tools of Josefinas, which began to see its account recommended more and more often. Following this came collaborations with national brands and the international recognition of figures such as Sara Sampaio and Chiara Ferragni.

Dozens of capsule collections were launched, the distinction of the world’s most expensive ballet flat was theirs and last year they introduced a line of sneakers. They plunged into the world of accessories by creating two lines of handbags inspired by Sophia Loren. In 2016 a flagship space was opened in New York.

The biggest development for the brand in 2017 is its partnership with Chiara Ferragni, considered the world’s most famous blogger. The creator of Blonde Salad will put her name to a limited edition for the ballet flat brand, of which she has been a fan since the beginning. In partnership with Filipa Júlio, the blogger has developed two exclusive models inspired by the Cleopatra Mule. With about 7.4 million followers, Chiara has already been seen in public wearing this footwear “made in Portugal”. More at:


Maria Maleta

“It’s the fairy tale in which two BFFs reach the conclusion that neither of them has enough bags.”  How this story ends shouldn’t be difficult to figure out. Ana and Daniela, two best friends, could not be less alike. “If one loves sweet things, the other prefers something savoury. If one likes films the other is more into music. If one prefers peace and quiet, the other is a party girl, and one follows her heart while the other her head, and so on. But there is one thing they have in common, a taste for something in particular, which leads us to “Maria/Maleta” They together had an innovative concept to launch on the market: a bag that in the end… is actually two. The reversible bag concept is the big reveal behind the business of these two youngsters from Porto. 100% created and handmade in Portugal, the line comes in authentic quality fabrics and materials.  “Maria Maleta is a fun way to dress up your outfit, aligning with the founders’ vision of spoiling their customers and meeting their needs in a way that is casual and fun, also offering a service to create exclusive, personalised custom pieces.” More at:


The Baron’s Cage

Created in 2016, The Baron’s Cage brand is 100% “made in Portugal”, helmed by creative director Bruno Queirós. Designed for men who share a taste for the eccentric and creative, The Baron’s Cage challenges the limits of conventional design, elevating the classic to the extraordinary.

The Baron’s Cage celebrates the day-to-day of the barons of the modern age and invites them to indulge their powers in even more extraordinary ways. The line is produced in Portugal, by teams of craftsmen with more than 70 years of experience, honouring standards of comfort and brand excellence. The collections are inspired by the ideals of the bourgeoisie of yesteryear, by men who are creative, determined and confident, who know what they want, are proud of what they have and who they are.