About Spring-Summer 2018 Collection

The gleam of carved stones and the thousand shades of coloured gems are the props that illuminate and inspire Luis Onofre’s summer 2018 collection. Recalling the opulence of the adornments used by the people of Mesopotamia and the grandeur of their pyramids, each shoe is made up of an unexpected succession of exotic layers.

In an excess where harmony is born from apparent chaos, the collection is brought to life by the colour contrasts between light gold and the other materials. In addition to the stones, fringes, pearls and Swarovski crystals, there are also geometric patterns and embroidery. The heels are
still average, for freedom in comfort, but there are still some silhouettes marked by the elegance of stilettos.

The inspiration allows for a wide diversity of colours in the collection: blue, red, peach, matte green, allure blue and indigo are mixed with the unifying effect of black. Suede, coloured nappa leather and embroidered satin are the bases chosen for the sandals. With appliqués as profuse
as they are elegant, the colours multiply, with chromatic contrasts here and shade on shade there.

In micro and medium format, they accompany the richness of the collection and some models  are both a jewel and a safe that is opened using a lock system consisting of a code and key.

Once again, the contemporary minimalism of the design of the men’s collection is in sharp contrast with the richness of the women’s collection. In an extreme simplicity of shapes and colours, the highlights are the customised finishes where raw, brushed leather is worked to give it new hues. Honey, beige and navy dominate the sneakers, moccasins and Oxfords.