Mystic. Divine. Mysterious. Theories are born and die by the light of the number 7. If we learn the seven wonders of the world, we quickly recognise the sins that make them both mortal and immortal. We know the Seven Kingdoms, the seven colours, the seven virtues, the days of the week, the hills of Rome … and of Lisbon.
As we celebrate the 7th year of Portuguese Soul, we remember the state of grace that fashion has breathed over the past few – mystic – years.

Footwear wins the European business promotion prize

Dancing with a champagne flute is no easy task, but if you’re wearing Portuguese shoes, it’s a different story altogether. The year 2013 ended and the footwear sector showed French ‘charm’ the stuff that Portuguese footsteps are made of. The European business promotion prize awards ceremony was held in Lithuania, where it was announced to the world that the footwear sector had won.

Felipe Oliveira Baptista in Lacoste

The name sends a shiver down our spines. Felipe Oliveira Baptista was, and continues to be, one of the most well-known Portuguese designers today. And it was with a bitter-sweet feeling that we bid him farewell from our national catwalks as he devotes himself full-time to an internationally renowned brand. Lacoste is in good hands, as yet another Portuguese son flies the flag abroad, while the national fashion scene awaits, in slight suspense, for the return of the prodigal son.3
Sara Sampaio

We can almost set our sights on her, if it were not that this Portuguese girl is flying so high that we are (almost) unable to see her. Sara Sampaio has conquered all there is to conquer. Living in New York, the Portuguese model has added campaigns for the most famous international brands to her portfolio. With wings that fit her like a glove, she has become the first Portuguese model to represent Victoria’s Secret on international catwalks.

Footwear exports on the rise

Over the past seven years, the footwear sector has registered a solid growth in external markets. Since 2010, when the Portuguese Shoes international campaign was launched, entitled The Sexiest Industry in Europe, footwear exports have increased over 60% and have ascended to 1.950 million euros by the end of 2016.
Nowadays, the footwear sector exports 95% of its production to 152 countries throughout the world. However, as the successes of the past are no guarantee for the present, the sector has planned an expansion strategy to markets such as the USA and Japan.

Marque’s Almeida

Still inspired by the spirit of globalisation, it is impossible not to talk about the most well-known Portuguese duo in the industry. After winning the 2nd edition of the LVMP Prize – one of the biggest fashion awards in the world awarded by Louis Vuitton, which honours fashion brands and designers – the lives of Paulo Almeida and Marta Marques have never been the same. Working in London, they are a regular presence on the official calendar of the fashion week in the capital of the United Kingdom.

The Jewellery Revolution
They are a girl’s best friend. Some say. In Portugal, we could not agree more. In recent years, we have witnessed an authentic revolution in the national jewellery sector. It is a traditional sector that has reinvented itself and now presents a promising young offering in the art of creating authentic treasures. The AORP – jewellery association – which has been promoting the renewal of Portuguese industry through the Portuguese Jewellery Newborn brand, is now setting its sights on the cross-border growth of one of the sectors with the biggest tradition in the national economy, positioning Portugal as a producer country of excellence.


Not all events are predictable and historical. The present is also created with the poetic uncertainty of the future in mind. This is why we cannot end a throwback without thinking about tomorrow. The truth is that the proliferation of digital technology has changed the world as we know it. Portugal was a pioneer of this approach. Created by José Neves, who was formerly at the helm of the shoe brand Swear, the largest platform for the sale of luxury goods emerged. Exclusively online, it brings together items from almost 500 fashion boutiques throughout the world on a single platform, available 24 hours a day. Currently, Farfetch is valued at more than one billion dollars. And it promises to continue conquering t