It smells like summer and the sea. The many different coloured hues of the country’s sandy beaches. Umbrellas, towels, bikinis. Beachfront sidewalks and terraces are packed with people. Ana and Bruna Azevedo. Twins.  They are the protagonists of this story. In this idyllic setting we have created… the bodies call the shots.

Ana designed her first piece in 2014. Using fabric purchased at a store, the industrial designer’s brand was born. Nizza reinvented a concept that stands out because it is distinctive and recreates the iconic pieces of the 80s. An authentic journey back in time that now takes on new meaning. Reality has overtaken fiction and today the orders these sisters receive amount to 1000 pieces per month. With a wide range of diverse products, Nizza already has 13 shops scattered throughout the country, but the most sought-after platform continues to be online sales. With almost 29000 followers, Facebook is the main sales channel.

The quality of the materials, the detail of the finishing, the irreverence of the designs, the digital patterns, and careful communication – these are the ingredients for success.