In her words — Mónica Neto

Do you still remember your first Portugal Fashion?

Yes, of course I do. My first Portugal Fashion was in fact my first professional challenge. I had begun an internship at ANJE a week earlier, precisely to support this special event of ANJE. I remember being dazzled by all the behind-the-scenes dynamics and how involved the national and international journalists were. Today, I remember that event (March 2007), the last to be held at Cace Cultural do Porto, with particular pride for how it has evolved since (in the number of fashion shows, the rooms, the organisational dynamics, presentation formats, decoration, partnerships and the communication strategy).

How has Portuguese fashion evolved since then?

Decisively to become what it is today: more global, more dynamic, more important! It has evolved in terms of the number of designers and brands, business performance, internationalisation, national and international reputation, communication, branding and sales. It has become digital and social, even democratised, and it has grown in value and differentiation. Tt also now has a multi-sectorial capacity for affirmation.

What perception is there abroad of fashion ”made in Portugal”?

It is a value-added perception from design to manufacture. The image of a producer country no longer prevails in itself and “made in Portugal” is today synonymous with creativity and differentiation. It is an inseparable image of what we are today: a country of lifestyle, modern and rich in the dichotomy between innovation and tradition.

What still has to be done?

The is a job of promotion and communication, which is bearing fruit, must continue. There is also complementary support that needs to be sustained. In particular, I would highlight the entrepreneurial and business component, especially the most current challenge of the sustainability of designer fashion: commitment to the digital economy and new communication, marketing and sales synergies, which again place the emphasis on the end customer.

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