Message in a pocket

There’s timelessness in the classical men’s clothing. Our imagery keeps bringing us to memory those suit and tie gentlemen. And, of course, handkerchiefs. Different fabrics, colors and textures can transform any look. However, the quality of each product may be the key factor.

Vandoma, a small family business, dedicates itself to the production of ties, bowties, scarfs and pocket squares, mainly in silk, cashmere, wool and cotton both for men and young boys.

With more than 35 years of experience, the company of Antonio Manuel de Sousa has stood the test of time have proved that ties and bowties are a timeless and sophisticated element in any man’s wardrobe. His daughter, Ana Lisa Sousa, besides being responsible for the creative side, has expanded the business internationally by being present in the main men’s exhibitions worldwide. Both make the perfect team and run the business side by side, dedicating their time to personally meet each and every business partner ensuring a dedicated service throughout the project and a long term relationship.

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