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Talent and creativity. Willingness to grow. A vision for the future. These are the mottoes for the students who graduate from the Design and Footwear Academy and join the Portuguese footwear industry.

Hot New Talents came from the project esad.idea, a research centre right in the heart of Matosinhos, near Porto, which focuses on research and the promotion of design. By the lens of Pedro Afonso and the stylist Fernando Bastos Pereira, this editorial highlights the work of some of the finalists, who will soon show their skills in the industry.

Esad.ideia is a research centre of ESAD, the College of Arts and Design. In addition to research, esad.ideia is in charge of the cultural programming of Casa do Design, in Matosinhos, an exhibition space to showcase and bring Portuguese design closer to the general public.

Photo: Pedro Afonso

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