400 000

The European textile, clothing, footwear and leather industry currently employs more than two million people.
400,000 new professionals will be needed over the next decade to strengthen the relative position of the European fashion industry, internationally. As a result, the European Commission is developing the “Open Your Mind” project, precisely to attract a new generation of talent.


Twenty-two thousand tons of plastics are dumped into the oceans every year. Combating this calamity is a worldwide emergency. Some Portuguese footwear companies are developing initiatives to collect this waste and develop sustainable footwear collections.


The percentage growth of the number of workers in the Portuguese footwear industry in the last decade, up to a total of 39,602 at the end of 2018. The promotion of sustainability is also done with the defence of local production.


400 is the number of European environmental labels. The protection of the environment
and the planet is a priority, but it is also important that there are criteria in the definition of strategy, which reward those who effectively develop strategies articulated with environmental protection. Portuguese footwear wants to be at the forefront of this process.

100 000 000

One hundred billion euros. The value of white sneakers sold in 2018, according to the Business of Fashion (BoF).

27 000 000

The number of shoes produced in 2018, worldwide, according to World Footwear. Asia now accounts for 86.2% of production, followed by South America (5%) and Europe (3.3% of the total).

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