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Text: Gabriela Oliveira

Follow Me tells you three stories of overcoming difficulties and entrepreneurship. Young people who have taken the plunge with their own businesses, success stories almost two decades old and international phenomena who have just turned 18 years of age.



Freakloset by Joana Lemos was born in Barcelona in 2014. Despite have studied business administration, her passion for shoes has always been stronger. The possibility of customising your own pair of shoes is what makes the brand unique. “The aim is to reinvent the classic shoe, but with a contemporary and comfortable touch.” A Freakloset shoe is easily recognizable by the triangle near the heel offers comfort. There is a showroom in Lisbon and they already export to 25 countries.

Billie Eilish


With only 17 years old, Billie Eilish is already a phenomenon. Raised is Los Angeles in a family of musicians, she hasn’t any pretension to be a singer, but the first music she recorded “Ocean Eyes” was a success. Billie started to write her own songs by the age of 11 and all the other songs she wrote with her brother were only to be listened by their friends. However the talent was such that the boost was immediate.

Fava Tonka


Fava Tonka is a restaurant in Leça da Palmeira with an organic and seasonal food. Created by Nuno Castro e Ricardo Rodrigues, they said “We were missing an author veggie restaurant that support small producers.” The menu is always changing, using sesonal vegetables and fruits. All the ingredients are produced in Portugal except the blue cheese: the salt is from Aveiro, the biologic honey is from Marco de Canaveses, the handmade bread is from Garfa, all the vegetables are cultivated on a farm in Oporto and the wine is biodynamic.

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