Outside the box

Innovation is a part of the Portuguese footwear companies’ DNA. In this edition of Soul, we present three out of the box projects by Portuguese companies.


Shoes that smell of lemon seemed to be a dream, but Lemon Jelly became a reality five years ago. Fun, colourful and now… PETA approved. The brand was recently certified vegan by the international association. But that’s not all. Concerned about the environment from day one, Lemon Jelly recently presented the Wasteless line, composed of items made using waste.

For the company “when we talk about the production of high-end items, waste is inevitable. When we realised the level of waste we had, we decided that we needed to urgently do something in order to change”. This is a collection where waste is transformed into new pairs of shoes.

A lesson on sustainability

“Nothing is lost, everything is transformed!” is Bolflex’s motto, which inspired an original catwalk show in the last edition of Portugal Fashion.

The brand surprised the audience with footwear made from reused waste material, thus reinforcing a more ecological, circular and sustainable industrial and social vision. “Coffee grounds, hay, cork, leaves, old canvas, and everything that you can image, can be incorporated” into the process.

“Rubber is our expertise and, along the way, we discovered that it was possible to reuse polymers. Bolflex used to waste 150 tons of raw material but, after much effort, we realised it was possible to reuse that waste and transform it within the manufacturing process,” explained the Founder and CEO, António Ferreira. “We don’t just make the shoes. We developed the raw material and created the necessary partnerships for this project to come to life”.

Made to feet

At first glance it looks like traditional footwear. On closer examination, it is clear that these are professional footwear, built on a technical basis, without neglecting the design component.

Made for workers who experience their working days in a new way. Professionals that want to go further, feeling good in every task they perform, every day.

Toworkfor was created to improve the design and to maximise comfort for all, while being modern. The brand offers unrivaled comfort, advanced technical design with an effective use of premium materials.

All To Work For shoes are built by the world reference safety shoes manufacture: AMF — Safety Shoes.

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