New Brand In — Yuti

They say they’re a woman’s best friend. We’re talking about jewellery, not necessarily diamonds, just jewellery. Exclusive, elegant accessories. The sector has been growing year after year in Portugal, and new projects are born every day. Yuti is one such example: an independent brand of contemporary and handcrafted jewellery. Each piece is produced with high quality leather, carefully selected. All of the leather and hides used in the production of the pieces are purchased from local dealers and manufacturers.

The project started in 2019. Although she has a degree in Business Organisation and Administration, creation has always been part of Sónia Teles’s essence. Creating pieces to offer to friends and family and, who knows, steal a smile or a hug from them.

It is with this intention that Yuti Design is born, with a clear mission of social responsibility. 10% of Yuti Design’s profits go to national social welfare institutions, with the aim of giving back and contributing to better quality of life and supporting the most vulnerable and neglected children and young people.

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