Portuguese Soul Issue 18


Sweet 18. Getting to 18 is always special. We’ve reached adulthood. In principle, and just in principle, it means that we grow, that we evolve, that we become masters of our own life and our future. There are exceptions, however.

Getting to 18 is always special. We are still cherished by those closest to us, but, at the same time, we create conditions to be able to… fly away.

Sweet 18 is the starting point for this edition of Soul. We’ve reached adulthood. And we really want to fly. In fact, we have always aspired to this, even if we had to free ourselves from countless tethers to do so.

In this edition we have freed ourselves from all the bonds, from the countless corsets that have been created for us and prevented us from growing. We risk like never before. Emancipating us at Sweet 18. This is a genderless, unbiased, unregulated edition. As it should be.

We will not, of course, abandon our ideological matrix: at Soul, the promotion of Portuguese fashion is a priority, the praise of know-how accumulated over generations associated with a new generation of talent an obligation. Soul is an ode to Portuguese talent, devalued for so long, but which has finally found fertile ground to grow. So, this Soul will reach over 100 countries. The journey continues. With redoubled ambition, but no gender, no rules or prejudices. As it should be.

— Paulo Gonçalves, Editor-in-Chief

Table of Contents

  • Editorial
  • Making Of
  • Numbers
  • In her words
  • New Generation
  • Outside the box
  • A new plan for sustainability
  • The Man
  • Gentleman’s Code
  • Follow Me
  • Platforme
  • Footwear Summer Immersion
  • Who is Joana Barrios?
  • Fresh Zone
  • Olga Noronha
  • Golden Age
  • Turning 18
  • Love Hangover
  • The Wardrobe Age
  • Don’t be shy, touch yourself.
  • Forever Young
  • Old men and rags
  • A Tem-Plate for Fashion
  • Portuguese abrad
  • One of the boys
  • Rachide Embaló
  • Fashion is a stage
  • Ivo Baldé
  • Move Forwards
  • New Brand In
  • ModaLisboa
  • Portugal Fashion
  • Hot New Talents
  • Caretos de Podence
  • O Traço
  • Oficina 166
  • AkaCorleone
  • Heritage Brand: Viarco
  • Claus Porto
  • Maria Imaginário
  • Tourism in Portugal comes of age
  • Recipe

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