Carina Caldeira

All we need is Glitter

Interview: Cláudia Pinto

She is a woman from the North, who has always had the ambition to conquer the world. She studied in New York, worked at the prestigious Interview magazine and is the host of the Portuguese TV show with the most glitter.

Who is Carina Caldeira?

It’s so hard to analyse ourselves… Carina is a dreamer and a woman full of energy who loves to communicate. Always with a positive, glitter-laden philosophy of life.

You must have flaws…

Of course I have flaws! The biggest is being impulsive and impatient, not knowing how to wait.

You studied abroad. Did this enable you to see the world differently, or was it a strategy to win over a demanding audience that is more often than not down-to-earth?

When I decided to study in New York, the main goal was to learn more about communication, using methods that are different from ours.

I did an internship at Interview magazine. It was my first contact with the world of fashion. I learned all the stages a publication goes through before it hits the newsstands. The entire creative process is fascinating. But I actually learned even more as a person: I left my comfort zone when I was 23 and all of a sudden I had to make my own way in the biggest city in the world. I grew up more then than at any other time in my life. The experience of living abroad undoubtedly made me a different person free of prejudice. I saw the world with different eyes and changed my way of living and facing life. It was an incredible experience.

After this you moved to Lisbon. Do you miss the North, or is Lisbon now your home?

I have the best of both cities. I go to Porto at least twice a month for work, and while I’m there I visit family and friends and go to the places I enjoy. So I actually don’t have a chance to miss it. I love Porto. It is my city. It is where I was born and grew up. It is where my roots are. It is and always will be my city. I chose to live in Lisbon because it offers more opportunities in my field of work, just as it has more opportunities for Francisco (my husband, who is a music producer). We are very happy in Lisbon. I love the city and feel very welcome there. There is no room for missing anything.

Is there a lack of glitter in the world in these grey times?

Yes, there could be a lot more glitter. But in the times we are living through, it is not always easy to see the positive side of life. Even I have had some tough moments. The world just suddenly stopped. We need to adapt to the new realities.

I try to focus on thanking God that my family and loved ones are healthy and safe, which is most important, and for that I am thankful every day. I try to find alternatives to our situation. This is what a glitter girl does: she looks for positive solutions, even at the darkest of times.

You have interviewed lots of celebrities on your show. Does any particular interview stand out?

This is very difficult to answer, and it would be unfair to single one person out because most of them have surprised me in some way and shown me different perspectives on many matters in life. This is the magic of my job, and it is what I love most about it. Talking with incredible people is the best thing about what I do.

Is there someone you would like to interview?

Yes. Now you mention it, Cristiano Ronaldo.

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