Fernando Bastos Pereira, the chameleon

We have a lot of ways to describe him but the best compliment we could give to him is to truly understand his work and, therefore, his uniqueness.

First of all, he takes his assignments in such a different and special approach by always finding a concept that’s different from everything else and rather unique. He creates enigmatic titles, such as the stories he tells. He enjoys telling others’ stories as brilliantly as he tells his.

Secondly, he plays with colors like nobody else. The combinations he makes that would never cross our minds, he puts them together in the most aesthetic and validating way. That’s why we’d say that calling him a ‘chameleon’ is not crazy (at all).

Fernandinho has been working in the magazine since its beginning. He has aimed for such big things for SOUL alongside with us and, by that, he has been one crucial part of its core since we can remember.

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