Paulo Gonçalves, the boss

Paulo has lost the count of how many years he has worked at APICCAPS. We know it has been more than two decades dedicated to the Portuguese footwear industry (although no one would say so regarding the amount of the incredible energy he still has). But that doesn’t keep him from dreaming even bigger. We could say that one day Paulo dreamed with Soul Magazine and literally brought this project to life, but it wouldn’t be true.

Paulo dreamed, designed, planned, fought and made made the possible and impossible to make this project come to life.

A project that’s bigger than him, bigger than the industry and bigger than the country. His goal has always been for the magazine to be bigger and better than the day before; for it to show the best way possible what is made in Portugal. And not only our footwear but our fashion, our jewellery, our cooking, our tourism, our wine, our people, Because this is a magazine made by people to people and about people, all with remarkable stories.

In the beginning, the magazine had only 80 pages and just one editorial. Now, it has over 200 pages, eight photo shoots, dozens of professionals involved and hundreds of stories that reach 97 countries all around the world.

To Paulo, our “young boss”, the magazine’s editor-in-chief… our Paulinho: “Soul is history, is heritage, is culture and a fierce will. Soul is love. Soul is my heart and the blood that runs in my veins”.

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