Helena Silva, the maker

We call her ‘the boss’ as a joke because she always manages to make the whole team work. She gives the orders, she organizes, and she takes control. But, above all — and this is the most important — she makes dreams come true. If you haven’t fully understood Helena’s position in the magazine, it’s quite simple to explain: Helena is responsible for the production of our editorials. She has been managing Snowberry Production since 2019, a company that brings our visions to life.

We once read that anyone needs a Helena in their lives and we were surprised we weren’t the ones saying it due to all she has given to the magazine. She also carries an amazing team with her: Joana, who will always be with Soul as well, Raquel, Pedro and QuimZé.

These new faces will be easily added to our family as well. “For me, Soul is a pioneering project in Portugal. Not only because it imagines, creates, develops, presents and promotes the talents, products and services of the portuguese market, with a soul and passion that is unique but also because the Portuguese industry is focused in excellent products. Soul is able to combine those two characteristics into one piece. For that reason, Soul is a constant challenge and a source of motivation to do more and even better, to be more present, to allow myself and Snowberry to be part of a portuguese project, with the Soul of a fighter for more and better work”.

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