Portuguese Soul Issue 19

July 2020

A love story. A love story that began 10 years ago: love for art, for footwear, for leather and for generations of accumulated knowledge. Love for fashion, for creativity and for design “made in Portugal”.

Portuguese Soul is the living testimony of a 900-year-old country that reshaped the idea of the world. A testament to a country of so much great talent.

This magazine is also the combined effort of many of Portugal’s most prestigious fashion professionals. Portuguese Soul has completed a life cycle and from today is available online. In its 10th anniversary year, Portuguese Soul is combining its twice annual printed editions — this one in June and the other at the end of the year — into a single issue of more than 200 pages that will be distributed in 97 countries across five continents, alongside an online version containing new and exclusive content. It’s worth taking a look.

We are doing this out of conviction. Pure. Genuine. Demanding times require innovative solutions. This is not the time for us to slow down. It is time for creativity.

In this issue we set out to discover the Portuguese who have made a name for themselves in the world of showbusiness, fashion and music beyond our borders. Portuguese who dared, who set out to achieve their dreams and who have become Portugal’s greatest ambassadors in the wider world.

At this critical time, exceptional in our lives, we pay special attention to the cultural sector. Now, as never before, has an appeal to the roots made such sense. The Soul, the Portuguese Soul, is a testimony of a country of talent, an appeal to history and to “Portugueseness”.

— Paulo Gonçalves, Editor-in-Chief

Table of Contents

  • Editorial
  • Making Of
  • Portuguese Leather Industry in Numbers
  • Cravo
  • Follow Me
  • Enya Oliveira
  • Carina Caldeira
  • Portuguese Footwear: The Right Choice
  • New Generation
  • Hot New Talents
  • Gentleman’s Code
  • What’s Up
  • Jerónimo
  • Prodigal Sons
  • Ricardo Gomes, The Playground of Life
  • A Warm Winter
  • Pedro Maia, Berlin
  • Rita Noro, Designer
  • Daniela Melchior
  • Francisco Henriques
  • Maria Miguel Conquering the World
  • Armando Cabral
  • Portuguese Raw Material
  • (I’ve Got U) Under My Skin
  • Luís Borges: The Business Man
  • The Day After
  • Leather Goods
  • MARO
  • Luís Monteiro, London
  • Luís Carvalho
  • Beyond the Horizon
  • ModaLisboa
  • Portugal Fashion
  • And After the Pandemic?
  • The Motto for 2020: Take a Staycation
  • Inês Neto dos Santos
  • Casa Brava
  • Best Youth
  • Profile: Mónica Lopes
  • Boca do Lobo: Luxurious and Exuberant Furniture
  • The Feeting Room: Where Dreams Come True
  • Traveling With: Susana Ribeiro
  • Finca Flichman (Sogrape): A New Argentine with ‘Boutique’
  • Cartonagem Trindade
  • Arcádia
  • Recipe

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