Luís Borges: The Business Man

Words: Isabel Pinto
Photo: Frederico Martins

He is one of Portugal’s most internationally famous models, having taken to the catwalk for such names as Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier and Tommy Hilfiger. Now, at the age of 31, Luís Borges is looking for new challenges: promoting his new label — B488.

Cool, chic and one of a kind: the strapline of the latest project by the Portuguese model, Luís Borges. B488 is the name of his women’s clothes and accessories label.

Known for his good taste and irreverence when dressing, Luís Borges has always been passionate about fashion. In 2016, the readers of American Vogue named him the world’s best-dressed model. He was one of 10 nominees, which included Jon Kortajarena and Lucky Blue Smith. He won.

Now it is the turn of Luís Borges to dress others, in this case, women. B488 is exclusively for women ‘with attitude and who want to be different’. It is a label ‘for those who are not afraid of being irreverent, and for all those who are ready to take risks’, is how Luís Borges describes the label on its online store.

The first items, which were launched at the end of last year, reflect ‘an explosion of colours and styles.’ It is a collection without a season, with a range that includes the sporty and the elegant. Deconstructed dresses, hooded bodies, super original jackets, Swarovski crystal earrings… ‘The label is for those women who don’t think twice about going to work in a tracksuit and high heels’, claims Luís Borges in his speech launching the new project.

The name of the label also contains his charisma. B488, or ‘be four eighty-eight’, symbolizes the creator’s name, B de Borges, and his date of birth: April 1988. ‘I want people to like the label for what it is, and not because of its association with my name’, he said. At the age of 31 and after a career as an internationally recognized model working for such renowned labels as Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, Tommy Hilfiger and DKNY, Luís Borges has now moved to the other side of fashion. His experience allows him to know ‘exactly what he wants from the label’: quality, comfortable clothes that are made in Portugal. ‘I have worked with several national and international designers, but I want my label to be luxurious, but to be luxurious it must place quality above all else. There are cheaper items, such as the earrings (€45), with the most expensive being a €1,500 hand-made coat’. He added that a number of items women need in their wardrobe will be released throughout the year.

B488 launched in November with the help of friends and fellow models, Ana Sofia Martins, Rita Pereira, Kelly Bailey, Raquel Strada, Isilda Moreira and Maria Miguel.

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