Traveling With: Susana Ribeiro

The list of successful Portuguese is not just full of people who decided to pack their bags and move to another country. It includes Portuguese who, staying within, surpass themselves to reach farther. One of these is Susana Ribeiro.

A journalist for more than 20 years, Susana has worked in the newsrooms of O Comércio do Porto, the Jornal de Notícias, Evasões and Time Out Porto. For a number of years she worked on such magazines as Notícias Magazine and Tentações by Sábado. She has also been involved in issues of Volta do Mundo, the American Express Guide to Porto and helped launch the Sapo Viagens project.

However, everything changed in 2013. Susana followed her dream and launched a travel website on which she works full time: Viaje Comigo (Travel With Me). While at the start she was motivated only by her love of travel, now travel is her life. She spends most of the year outside Portugal, and delights us every day with divine landscapes on her Instagram page. But there’s more. Portuguese itineraries are also on this list of this journalist who knows Portugal inside out.

Viaje Comigo was voted the Best Professional Travel Blog at the 4th Blogger Travel Awards, organised by the Lisbon Travel Market (Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa). Also in 2015, Viaje Comigo having won this award, won the public vote to take the Best Travel Blog Award.

But getting to know Susana Ribeiro is not just a way of getting to see the world through her images. It is knowing that there are successful Portuguese who struggle each day to reach higher, and who cling to their passion projects. You must follow Viaje Comigo, but not only to discover that we can sometimes be envious… in a good way.

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