The Day After

Joana Castro

“Fashion is forever: modelling not so much”. This sentence sums up, in just a few words, the ambition and realism of Joana Castro, the model who is making early preparations to prolong her life in fashion. Today she represents the Farfetch family.

She still remembers her first job. “It was a jewellery presentation for Tous on the Silk rooftop in Lisbon.” It is much harder to pick her favourite job. “I can’t pick just one. All jobs leave a mark, if only because of the people we meet.”

Joana Castro always thinks ahead. “I always knew I wouldn’t be a model forever, so my expectations were realistic.” “I always studied (communication sciences) while I was modelling, so I kept my head on my shoulders. I worked for the future, supporting my present with the money I earned as a model.” Once I finished my studies “the anxiety took off”. “Being just a model was not enough for me and I was consumed by the fear of losing years of experience in another profession. I knew that fashion was my area and that is was where I belonged. Fashion is my great passion.” Friendly advice from Joel Bessa and then Frederico Martins was essential. “I will always be grateful to Frederico Martins who introduced me to Helena Silva, the CEO of Snowberry. Snowberry is a production and management agency based in the north of Portugal. It has developed and facilitates an integrated creative vision and was a real school “where I learned all I know”.

Now working as the casting director at Farfetch, Joana Castro does not set any goals. “I don’t have a single goal. I cannot name everything that I want. Just now I am happy and fulfilled by the work I do at Farfetch.” “Forty years from now I would like it if I was recognised for the career I have created, and that I will have been an inspiration for the younger generation.”

Photo: Carlos Teixeira for Portuguese Soul

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