The Feeting Room: Where Dreams Come True

The project has opened its third bricks and mortar store in Porto

Passeio Alegre in Foz do Douro is the new home of The Feeting Room. Here dreams come true, or better, our yearnings for Portuguese labels are met. This Portuguese concept chain, which is dedicated to promoting and selling national and independent labels, has now opened its third shop, where you can find shoes, clothes, jewellery, ceramics and accessories.

There are many new things to find in this new space. Children will have a say for the first time. The new store will stock children’s labels in a space dedicated exclusively to little ones. It will also be home to the Negra Café concept, a new catering partner that specialises in brunch.

The new store’s location, on Passeio Alegre directly in front of the terminal for tram line 1, is a magical part of the city. Like the existing city centre stores in Porto and Lisbon, this space seeks to promote independent and Portuguese creators. The founders, Edgar Ferreira and Guilherme Pinto.

have spent a long time looking for an opportunity to test this new aspect of the concept.

Named “House of Labels”, the new project is based on a selection of 36 labels, each with its own exclusive space. In addition to the collections, each exhibitor will also include individual information about each of the labels.

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