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In this issue of Follow Me we discover three Portuguese footwear brands that have reinvented themselves. Historic brands that have renewed vigour, new brands committed to new market segments and brands that are renewed day after day.



Playful design, versatile items. These are just some of the adjectives that distinguish Ambitious products. And while in the past we talked only of shoes, clothes have now joined the family. The brand’s intention is to offer items with a purpose, that are unique and will last for years in the wardrobe. As well as the playful designs, Ambitious knows how to transform the ‘design’ into objects of desire with an added value.



They were the most iconic trainers from the last century. Generations of families wore them, from fathers to sons, from athletes to soldiers. Sanjo is now back after an absence of almost 30 years.

With the motto ‘New Old Brand’, the brand wants to regain its ‘old’ customers while reaching out to a younger audience. Although the company will retain its iconic models, it will also seek to introduce new models, including some made from leather. It will also produce two sustainable models using organic cotton, canvas and lining made from recycled materials.



A 75-year legacy. A company that has thrived over time while remaining faithful to its passion to manufacture hand-made high-end shoes. Mariano Shoes, founded by Manuel de Almeida Jorge in 1945.

This family company is now in its fourth generation, and retains the craft spirit and high levels of quality, incorporating design and technology into the manufacturing process. Still working from the original site, Mariano now produces footwear that reaches discerning customers around the world.

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