Making Of Soul 19

It may not seem an obvious mission to our readers, but here at Portuguese Soul we look for the best in Portugal. Be that in music, theatre or literature. In an issue dedicated to those who have carried the name of Portugal to foreign lands, in art and culture we have found two examples of hard work and success.

Let’s start with Albano Jerónimo. With Azenhas do Mar, in Sintra — a small piece of paradise — as a backdrop, the actor became a number of characters for our photographer Frederico Martins, and spoke with us about his future projects. In October, Netflix will premier the series The One, in which Albano is the protagonist.

It is only a small leap from Netflix to Hollywood. Or at least it will be for those who read this magazine. In Lisbon, again through the lens of Frederico Martins, we met up with Daniela Melchior. This young actress appears in the forthcoming Suicide Squad movie. In this article we explore all the facets of which our readers will certainly be unaware.

Photo: Frederico Martins

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