Collection 2021

IN SIDE OUT is the name of FRAGA CREATIVE JEWELLERY LAB’s new collection for 2021. The collection was inspired by the fears and weaknesses of the human being, every time the topic of individuality comes to mind, and shows us the relentless and unmeasured pursuit of perfection, which is defined and established by the standards of our hypermodern society. “Being yourself, authentic and different is often seen as negative or inadequate.

Nowadays, many people lose their primordial self and, from little children, are victims of others’ opinions and criticism, which makes them fragile, and that’s one of the main reasons for the increasing of psychological conditions. […] Unfortunately, it’s easier to be one among the crowd than just be ONE. And we can’t keep allowing this”.

Based on this idea and as counteraction, even if small and experimental, this new IN SIDE OUT collection from FRAGA CREATIVE JEWELLERY LAB aims to put these social phenomenon in perspective and strengthen the need and importance of normalizing what’s different, authentic and individual.

The concept is portrayed on the collection through an idea of transformation, evolution or “positive” mutation. Among the collection, in each type of piece, there are three different shapes on the same piece. Representing the standard, the first version is, itself, perfect. Following, the second and third pieces, are new versions of the same piece that will progressively being deconstructed and deformed, gaining an organic and irregular form, which are, per se, unique, exclusive and imperfectly valuable.

As a manifest and brand’s affirmation, the price definition of these collection’s pieces is also noticeable. Starting from the idea that “standard” is ordinary and “easy”, the pieces with perfect shapes have a lower price. On the contrary, the exclusive, singular and organic pieces have a higher price. With that, FRAGA CREATIVE JEWELLERY LAB states that “we’re the best when we are ourselves and when we accept our differences and imperfections. When we embrace, without hesitations, what makes us unique, then we can get free from the emotional slavery of this relentless search for a perfection that was always imposed on us”.

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