Portuguese Footwear Creates Digital Showcase

The new digital portal, Portuguese Shoes, is finally online. This is the most complete digital portfolio of the footwear industry in Portugal, with a database of approximately 400 companies. By the end of the year, up to 10,000 Portuguese products are expected to be on the platform.

“It’s the biggest showcase of Portuguese footwear ever made,” says Luís Onofre. According to APICCAPS’ president, “we’re living in an exceptional time of our lives, with serious limitations on flights and also in attending promotional events abroad. For that reason, in the past few months APICCAPS has worked on providing international clients with all the information they need about the offers from Portuguese footwear, accessories and leather goods companies”.

As a professional portal, in addition to the description of the companies it’s possible to access the companies’ showrooms with thousands of products, specialised and technical information and other relevant information from the brands and companies. Over the coming months, access to virtual showrooms and 3D photos will be available on a large scale.

The portal also provides information about all the Portuguese footwear companies with online stores, thus creating a more effective and systemic connection between the brands and their final customers.

The launch of the Portuguese Shoes portal is part of the sector’s strategy known as the FOOTure 4.0 Plan, which has the goal of establishing Portugal “as the international benchmark for the footwear industry worldwide, through its creativity and sophistication and by increasing Portuguese exports based on a national productive activity, as well as being sustainable and highly competitive, with its roots in knowledge and innovation.”

Up to the end of 2021, the sector will invest three million euros in the digital universe, within the scope of the “Offer Valorisation for the Footwear Cluster” project, supported by the Compete 2020 programme. Since the beginning of this year, more than 80 companies have already invested in the digital universe, through association with international prestigious platforms, the creation of online stores and digital marketing campaigns.

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