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Getting back to your roots is not always an easy exercise, simply because we don’t always like revisiting the past. But there we will find an archive of memories and truths that can give impetus to great ideas, great brands and great businesses.
This Follow Me is about three very special brands that were born recently and return to the past to build an even more brilliant future.



Shoes that literally have no number. This might seem strange at first, but their products are designed for babies that cannot yet walk. The aim is to put shoes on the feet of all children, regardless of their age, and for this reason burel (a traditional Portuguese fabric made of wool) was the chosen raw material.

But the brand’s success has also reached the parents. The brand recently launched shoes for adults that can also be worn on the street. This dream that brought two friends together is now on the road to internationalisation.



DiVERGE — Make your own way. It could be an inspirational phrase from a book or a film. But it isn’t! It is the slogan of DiVERGE, the new customisable footwear brand. And the customer’s path merges perfectly with the philosophy of the brand, which offers hundreds of ways to customise their product.

The brand was created by a group of friends who were frustrated “by the difficulty of finding trainers that make us feel special and perfectly match our style.” On its website, the customer can either build a trainer from the ground up or can follow some of the brand’s suggestions and options. High-quality materials are one of the traits of DiVERGE, which seeks to revolutionise the training shoe market.

Tentoes Nature


Tentoes Nature emerged from Carité, the Felgueiras footwear group that owns the J.Reinaldo brand. However, this is a very special investment with deep environmental concerns.

With the motto “Made in Nature”, Carité relaunched the Tentoes Nature label. “This new product has been designed with deep concern for the environment. The idea was to produce a footwear line using materials that come from nature. For example, for the uppers we use organic cotton, natural rubber for the sole, and leather. For the insole we use natural fibres that absorb sweat,” says Pedro Ramos. With strong colours and a modern design, Pedro Ramos believes the product is ideal for meeting current consumer demand, because “we use the ideal raw materials to make the shoes more nature-friendly”.

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