Portuguese Soul Issue 20


Atypical. Frustrating. Devastating. Pick an adjective. Any one. That was the year that was… all that and more. In 2020, every one of us, without exception, was put to the test. Our safety shattered. Our beliefs called into question. And at the end of the day, it will not #allbefine.

In Portugal we have endured. Our national health service, often praised internationally for providing free and universal healthcare and for being a model of sustained development, has been tested like never before. But we have endured. Stoically. We have endured like never before. We endure as we always do.

It is in our bones: strong and robust, built up through nine centuries of history that have led us to where we are. It is precisely that strength that we honour in this special issue of Soul, of Portuguese Soul, which now celebrates its tenth anniversary.

While it is not the right time for parties or celebrations, we know that it has never before made more sense to celebrate love and life, art and spectacle, knowledge and heritage, design and designer fashion, and the thousands upon thousands of professionals and artisans who have withstood the storms and who demonstrate their undeniable talent over and over again.

And so we come to 2021 with renewed hope. That better days are coming. At this new dawn, we renew our eternal commitment: in the following pages you will discover a country that is full of history, that does not deny its past, but quickly takes on the mantle of progress and modernity. In the words of Almada Negreiros: “Until today I was always future.”

— Paulo Gonçalves, Editor-in-Chief

Table of Contents

  • Editorial
  • Making Of
  • Footwear in Numbers
  • The Soul of Soul
  • Timeless
  • In His Words: Luís Pereira
  • Follow Me
  • New Generation
  • Can the Industry Be An Art Form?
  • Rooted
  • Portuguese Footwear Creates Digital Showcase
  • What’s Up
  • Roots
  • Carlos Santos
  • Historic Firms Withstand Yet Another Crisis
  • New Wave
  • Alves/Gonçalves
  • Central Station
  • Profession: Booker
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Fashion
  • All Tomorrow’s Parties
  • Heritage Brands
  • Lúcia
  • ModaLisboa Mais
  • Portugal Fashion
  • Nuno Lopes
  • António Soares
  • You Don’t Realise You’re In a Moment Until It’s a Memory
  • The Azores
  • Together We Stand
  • Artisanal Energy
  • Iva Viana — Sculpture Atelier
  • Toino Abel
  • Back to the Future
  • Recipe

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