ModaLisboa SS 2021

“United by our will, we’ll continue. A year ago, we saw the sun rising in the Tejo river from Lux’s balcony. After that, is as like the sun forgot to rise.  First wave, second wave, third wave, white blinding and intermittent lights, beating and breathtaking sounds, however, we’ll continue, united by our will. In the chaos, we found ourselves in our loved ones. From a distance, we got to reconnect with one another, we listened, we warmed ourselves inside, in the midst of resilience and reinvention, where there’s no replicas, only pure creation. And united by our will, we’ll continue. We will keep rising.”

ModaLisboa will happen but this time it will be digital. In a co-organization with Lisbon’s City Hall, the event will happen from April 15th to 18th. “Poets say there’s always a word for everything. In every edition, we seek to find the right syllables to translate what we are, who we are. Today, the word, the only word is COMMUNITY”, said the ModaLisboa association in a press release.

The fashion shows will be broadcasted in multichannel virtual platforms, such as the website, a mobile app (IOS and Android), and in an app TV at MEO, all in partnership with Altice Arena.

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