Levi’s and BÉHEN together on a sustainability project

The brands got together to launch an upcycling project

Sustainability in fashion is one of the current hot topics, however, for Levi’s, this is not a recent concern. The brand launched in the last season its most sustainable collection so far, and it doesn’t stop here. The international brand just got together with the Portuguese brand Behén.

Joana Duarte got the inspiration for Behén from her grandmother.

The brands united for sustainability in the new Levi’s® + Béhen Denim Upcycling Project, which is composed of three total feminine and masculine looks, and 15 new exclusive pieces made from 25 denim pieces from old Levi’s collections and remains.

By its connection to denim, the working class, and even to the Portuguese feminine universe, blue-white soap was the inspiration for the creation of these pieces. The traditional Portuguese painting of marble-like paper was the way the designer chose to achieve her ideas. For that, the designer consulted FRESS (Fundação Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva), where she learned how to use the technic in Levi’s denim.

With the launch date of February 17, Levi’s® + Béhen Denim Upcycling Project pieces will be available on the website and the designer’s digital platforms. But there more good news! When talking about making the world a better place everything counts, and that’s why part of the revenue will be donated by Behén to Fundação Príncipe, an association known for the biodiversity conservation and protection in the island of São Tomé e Príncipe.

The last Levi’s collection

By combining new materials and production methods, Levi’s 2020 winter was mainly focused on the use of denim made from softened hemp fibers, recycled polyester, and Water<Less™  finishing in almost 70% of all collection’s denim. And there’s more! The brand has developed and launched several projects and collaborations focused on upcycling.

In Europe, an upcycling project was created, in which several Levi’s local teams challenged young designers and creatives to create new pieces made with old the brand’s denim pieces and stock. In Portugal, the project was developed in partnership with Behén.

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