Making Of Soul 20

Photo: Diogo Oliveira

The Azores. It is difficult to think of a better host for the 20th edition of Portuguese Soul. In this tenth anniversary edition, we found a perfect backdrop in the islands of S. Miguel and Terceira.

Ponta Delgada, Lagoa das Sete Cidades, the Convent of Caloura and Mosteiros were the backdrop for our editorial with Nuno Lopes, currently one of Portugal’s leading actors with a solid and sustained career, and who in 2020 had a year of achievements, beginning with the Netflix show, White Lines.

It was on the island of Terceira that Lucia Moniz welcomed the Portuguese Soul team. The Portuguese actress has chosen to live in this small paradise.

In this edition, travel with us to the Azores, which recently became the first archipelago in the world to receive a sustainable tourist destination certificate. Even more recently, the regional government announced that the Azores had been awarded the “Best of Nature” status at the Sustainable Destination Awards, a distinction bestowed by Green Destinations, a network of international organisations that specialise in sustainable tourism.

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