You Don’t Realise You’re In a Moment Until It’s a Memory

Images: Pedro Afonso
Styling: Fernando Bastos Pereira

Makeup: Helena Almeida
Hair: José Carlos Taipa
Styling Assistant: Nelson Lima
Models: Daniela Hanganu (L’Agence), Marlon Nicolau (Elite Lisbon)
Producting: Snowberry

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Our talents

New talents are emerging within the Portuguese footwear industry every day. The Centro de Formação Profissional da Indústria de Calçado — CFPIC (in English, the Qualification Center for the Footwear Industry) plays an important role in the training of young designers.

CFPIC has been training some of the most relevant footwear designers for a long time now, thus having an important place in the ranking when it comes to the artistic and technical training of these young designers. On the 55th anniversary of the Center, we wanted to go back to the roots and get to know the young designers that began their journey in this place and are now all over the world. With similar backgrounds, although with different paths, but all inspiring — these are the common traits of all of the designers we’ll meet.

In this work, divided in two moments — photographed by Pedro Afonso and with styling by Fernando Bastos Pereira — we present some of the designers who built a successful career after studying at the Center. They made the world their playground, by creating their brands or by adding value in other companies. All unique and talented journeys.

By one side, we have the most sophisticated side of women’s footwear with You Don’t Realize You’re in a Moment…, with the proposals of Luís Onofre, Egídio Alves and Maurício Guimarães.

By another side, …Until It’s a Memomy, a men’s more casual concept, with the proposals of Hugo Miranda, Carlos Araújo and Ricardo Conceição.

Two concepts that are connect, and allow us to go to back and get to know the successful young designers that saw their qualifications from the Center as a great kick off opportunity for their talented and successful path.

Hugo Miranda

Hugo finished his training in 2001 and has worked for several fashion and footwear brands. Five years ago, Hugo created its own brand, Hypnotic Yellow, although he’s still designing collections for other brands. For this article, Hugo presented pieces for his brand and for the company Calçado Raly.

Hugo believes the training at CFPIC allowed him to fulfill his dream. “It was great, because I’m doing what I love: designing and planning collections”.

Carlos Araújo

Carlos had his training at the Center and, shortly after, started working in the footwear industry, until integrating the Design Department of Carité, where he’s now responsible for all the brands from the group.

“CFPIC was essential for my journey, providing me with a very much needed theory and practice background, which was key to a better entrance in the footwear industry”, stated Carlos Araújo. 

Luís Onofre

Besides being a third-generation entrepreneur, Luís Onofre is the President of APICCAPS, since 2017. Luís studied at the Facult of Arts, in Porto, and later did a training at CFPIC. Luís is also currently the President of the European Footwear Confederation — CEC. It is the second time that a Portuguese is heading CEC.

To Luís Onofre, “CFPIC has an essential role in the training of new talents that emerge within the industry every year. To me, it was a very important learning experience”. 

Known by designing elegant and sophisticated shoes, Luís Onofre has had already several known international personalities and celebrities wearing his shoes, such as the Queen Letícia Ortiz, Michelle Obama, Naomi Watts and Paris Hilton. 

Egídio Alves

Egídio has been passionate about footwear since early on. At 18, the first proposals to work in the industry started to appear. In order to have the proper technical knowledge, Egídio invested on a training journey that included CFPIC. “I have been interested in the Fashion and Design world from a very early age, because of the irreverent and innovative trends”.

As a well-known designer, nationally and internationally, Egídio won the 1º place in the male category, in Bologne, Italy, back in 2008, by the Consortium Vero Cuoio, at Lineapelle, an International Leather exhibition. 

Egídio also has his own brand of women’s footwear.

Ricardo Conceição

Ricardo’s qualification background comes from CFPIC. Later, Ricardo founded Shoelutions, a design and marketing office for footwear and saddlery, which has as main goal to provide answers and solutions to the several players of the sector.

Through his company, Ricardo develops marketing, design, modulation, manufacturing and catalogs for some of the most prestigious national and international brands. He also has his own brand, RC Shoes, of vegan and sustainable sneakers, and designs for Lazuli, a brand for which he developed the whole concept.

Maurício Guimarães

Maurício has the footwear industry running through his veins since forever and has dedicated his life to the shoes. He had his training background at CFPIC, which literally pushed him into the world.

At the moment, Maurício is the main designer at UEDAMA, a women’s footwear company in São João da Madeira that exports worldwide.

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