Footwear In Numbers

The Portuguese footwear industry has asserted itself on the international stage in the past ten years. Here are the numbers that attest to this progress.

1 378

The number of footwear companies in Portugal in 2019 (latest available data). More than 100 new industrial companies were created in the past decade. This industry is largely based in the north, in towns like Gaia, Felgueiras, Guimarães, Oliveira de Azemeís, São João da Madeira and Santa Maria da Feira. Another important company is based further south, in Benedita.

36 614

The number of people who work every day to bring Portuguese footwear to the world. A total of 4,500 new jobs have been created in the industry over the past ten years. Employment has risen by 13.9% in the last decade.

77 000 000

The number of pairs of shoes Portugal exported last year. The growth in quantity and value in the past decade is 12.2% and 38%, respectively. The Portuguese footwear industry has specialised in the leather footwear segment, but is now diversifying with the development of products in the sports, comfort and professional segments.


The number of markets in which Portuguese footwear is sold. Currently, Portugal exports more than 95% of its output to 163 countries on five continents.


The number of new brands created in Portugal in the past decade. Portugal has become a real hotbed of creativity, welcoming numerous new projects. At the same time, Portuguese companies continue to work regularly with international brands from all over the world.

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