Diana Pereira

Model, presenter, businesswoman. These are just some of Diana Pereira’s roles. The model, who has enjoyed a career spanning more than 20 years in the world of fashion, has been involved in other areas. She launched the DFIT Apparel label, which focuses on sustainability and seeks to demonstrate that Portugal is the epicentre of creativity and know-how.

You were very young when you took your first steps in the world of fashion. What was it that attracted you to this world?

My greatest passions in fashion were styling and photography. I became a model by sheer chance: the opportunity presented itself and I ran with it. I later became a photographer and art historian and created collections as a designer for a number of labels before launching my own label, DFIT Apparel.

Do you miss the frenzy of the catwalk and campaigns?

Sometimes, mainly because of everything that is going on in the world right now. We see the shows being cancelled or going ahead without an audience. I love working and I still have a big passion for fashion.

Is there a moment during your international career that you remember with special fondness?

All the countries I visited and lived in have incredible stories and unforgettable moments, but without a doubt living in Tokyo made the biggest impression on me.

Model, presenter or businesswoman? Which role best fits you?

All of them, I think. I love them all and am proud of each of them.

How did DFIT Apparel com about?

It was born out of a desire to show the world everything that is good in Portugal, to show that we have 100% Portuguese labels that deserve to be in this world.

Has sustainability been a concern for the label since its launch?

It certainly has. We are very careful about the raw materials we use and also take care to make sure the clothes are produced in a factory that respects human rights.

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