Débora Sá

The future belongs to those with the courage to reach out and grab it. And if we are speaking of the future and the desire to grow, then we are using the words that best describe Débora Sá. Presenter, reporter, mother. All of her many faces. Find out more about someone who was born to communicate.

Do you still remember your first day working in front of the cameras? How was it?

I have lots of memories of when I started working in television, I met people who are still with me today. I remember the weight of responsibility at that time that was crushing me and undermining my work. I prefer to keep my mind on today, when I enjoy working and enjoy and take pleasure from the journey!

What most attracts you about working in television?

I am most attracted by the fact I can be me, that I don’t have to assume a more or less serious posture. Entertainment programmes depend on the presenter’s empathy with the audience. I am also attracted by being able to enrich myself every day with guests who have unique life stories, genius business ideas or who have had some exceptional experiences.

Presenter, reporter, mother? Which role best fits you?

I was born to be a mother. I love that role, even although I am still learning. But I am also very hard working, very committed. My role as a presenter comes very naturally to me. I do a lot of behind-the-scenes work so that the minutes or hours on television are important moments that say a lot to people. I always have a lot of fun as a street reporter. It’s hard work: demanding and creative.

Have you always been a follower of fashion?

Yes, always. I love fashion, I work on my sense of aesthetics every day. And I love today’s fashion, which is more relaxed and more in tune with people’s needs. Today’s fashion is perfectly agile, comfortable and suited to the hustle and bustle of the times we live in. And it is affordable.

If you had to choose one object of desire, what would it be?

Without a doubt it would be shoes. Just come to my house… the size of my shoe rack speaks for itself. And for years, many years now, I have mainly worn Portuguese shoes.

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