Youth Watery Oil; L’essentiel: natural glow 16H wear; Precious Light; Metéorites Liquid Pearls — Pearly Pink; Kisskiss Very Nude. All by Guerlain; Vintage gold body jewelry
(Left) Eye: Stay Primer; Palette Golden Bee; Mad Eues: mascara; Terracotta Light: Light Warm; Kisskiss: liquid L300. All by Guerlain; Dress: Luís Carvalho | (Right) The Lip Liner: Rouge Dahilia; Kisskiss: L321 e L305. All by Guerlain
(Left) Plette Golden Bee; Kisskiss: Nude Lover. All by Guerlain; Dress: Luís Carvalho | (Right) The Eye Pencil: Black Jack; The Eye Pencil: Deep Purple. All by Guerlain; Top: Nuno Baltazar
Palette Golden Bee; The Eye Pencil: Black Jack; Modelador Terracotta: Matte; Terracotta: Light — Natural Warm; Kisskiss Matte: Zesty Orange. All by Guerlain; Cropped blazer: Nuno Baltazar

Photo: Pedro Afonso
Styling: Fernando Bastos Pereira

Hair and Make Up: Patrícia Lima with Gerlain
Make Up Assistant: Clara Gondin
Styling Assistant: Nelson Lima

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