Portuguese Soul Issue 21


Since the beginning of last year, these have been somewhat uncertain, unknowable times for humankind. With no warning, the world came to a halt and seemed to turn on us, forcing us to redefine our priorities and ways of life.

After months of hardship, we need some hope. We all need a little hope. Hope for a better world. Fairer. More equal. Responsible. Compassionate.

The fashion business is, by definition, a well of art, talent and creativity, but it is also our future. This brand-new Soul is a promise for the future. A future full of hope. A brighter future. One in constant reinvention.

The Portuguese fashion industry is made up of more than 5,000 companies employing more than 200,000 people. In footwear alone, every year some 80 million pairs of shoes leave Portugal for the rest of the world, as part of our commitment to quality and excellence rooted in the accumulated wisdom of different generations, periods of massive investment, a little daring and a lot of creativity. Ultimately, it’s our job to surprise the market with innovative and sophisticated products at a fair price.

Ten years after the first issue was launched, Portuguese Soul has stayed true to its mission: to set off in search of home-grown talent, whether it be in fashion or footwear (of course), but also in the arts and entertainment, tourism and gastronomy. In this brand new Soul, discover a taste… for Portugal.

— Paulo Gonçalves, Editor-in-Chief

Table of Contents

  • Editorial
  • Choices With Soul
  • Numbers
  • Onofre: Number One
  • The Soul of Soul
  • Follow Me
  • In Her Words: Raquel Prates
  • Ice Up
  • A Living Language of Hope
  • The Sign of Future
  • Somewhere Beyond the Sea
  • Portugal: Comfort Footwear Dreamland
  • Historic Belcinto launches LeatherGoods brand
  • Road to the Future
  • Magui in Wonderland
  • Blésnya
  • Hope is All We Need
  • Atlântico
  • The Charming of Bruno Nogueira
  • Luís Sousa Lopes
  • Filipe Faísca
  • Portuguese Fashion Abroad
  • ModaLisboa Community
  • Point of View
  • Portugal Fashion
  • Breaking News
  • With Magic in Their Feet
  • Marianne
  • Experience… Madeira
  • Madalena Martins
  • New Terracotta
  • Studio Astolfi
  • Chef Rui Paula
  • When Fashion and Culture Come Together
  • Recipe

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