The Sign of Future

What is the future? What will it be like, where will we go, with whom? Is it today, tomorrow, or twelve months from now? All the big questions remain up in the air in this tenuous veil that is the future. How do we measure the future? What role does hope play in this futuristic programme?

While hope seems to have been the big thing that kept us going, we met the faces that promise to take Portugal’s name further. Through the eyes of Frederico Martins, three Portuguese stylists — who are also the future of fashion in Portugal — chose three names for the future. In design, music and cinema. Or simply in their ability to be human. Let’s meet them.


Sérgio Onze

Gaspar Varela, Diana Vilarinho and André Caniços were the choices of Sérgio Onze. “I chose three people I greatly admire. Two of them were immediate choices, because they come from my world: the world of fado.” His third choice, André, reflected his admiration for the director’s aesthetic. And his inspiration couldn’t be any different: the night, fado and the connection to Portuguese places.

He defines his work as an intrinsic connection to roots. “I believe the hidden roots keep us attached to the soil and make us grow, absorbing what nourishes us.”

Gaspar Varela, musician and Portuguese guitarist. “For me, Portuguese soul is the people we meet in Portugal. We are a multicultural country, which I like very much, and which can be seen in our art.”

Diana Vilarinho, fado singer. “Portuguese Soul is almost like the stirring voice of the woman of the north, or the strong voice of the man of the Alentejo, the voices of the neighbourhoods of Lisbon. It is saudade. It is fado.”

André Caniços, Director. “I don’t know what the Portuguese soul is. I’m finding out. It is a communion between our tradition and our culture and, also, the awareness that this tradition and culture has to be moulded and adapted to our times. This is why I believe the Portuguese soul is a living being that is constantly growing.”

GASPAR VARELA — Musician and Portuguese Guitarist: Suit, shirt, tie, socks and shoes: Ernest W. Baker; Polo: Balmain at Fashion Clinic; Leather belt: Valentino na Fashion Clinic
(Left) ANDRÉ CANIÇOS — Director: Blazer, sweat and tie: New Jester vintage shop; Shirt, leather pants and leather globes: Ernest W. Baker; Ear cuffs: Carolina Curado | (Right) DIANA VILARINHO — Fado Singer: Dress: Roberto Diz; Gloves: Ás de Espadas vintage shop; Earrings: Beatriz Jardinha; Ear Cuffs: Carolina Curado


Rúben Osório

“Of all the words I could choose for these talents I would say admiration, difference, importance in society, example, kindness and talent.” These are the characteristics of Graça, André and Lara, who Rúben Osório chose for this task. The stylist created imagery using films, behaviours, eras and music, which became characters for each of the artists. He defines his work as “honest, in an incessant search to express feelings.”

Graça Côrte Real, artist and designer. A collector of vintage Portuguese shoes. “The Portuguese soul is a soul of the world, because we have always been of the world, and we try to take Portugal to the world and to make those who come here feel good.”

André Garcia, dancer and dance teacher. “The Portuguese soul is the ability to get by with very little.”

Lara Matos, editorial designer with an individual project linked to the visual and plastic arts. “I realised what the Portuguese soul was when I left Portugal and understood that word we talk about so much: saudade. For my friends, my family, the food and the spirit. For me this is the Portuguese soul: the ability we have to know new people.”

(Left) LARA MATOS — Editorial Designer: Skirt and top: Arndes; Nails: Nailcore Studio | (Middle and Right) ANDRÉ SPEEDY GARCIA — Dancer and Dance Teacher: Sneakers: Sanjo; Jeans: Hibu; Polo: Constança Entrudo
GRAÇA CÔRTE-REAL — Artist and Designer:Suit: Rafael Ferreira; Nails: Nailcore Studio


Larissa Marinho

Larissa Marinha, stylist, chose Pedro Mafama, Ângela Ferreira and Joana Duarte. “I believe these three talented people, with whom I have had the pleasure of working, are the major representatives, in their own areas, of a new generation of talent.” The young stylist wanted to “tell a story and experiment with new possibilities to build a timeless image” with each one of them. Larissa also defines her work as storytelling and believes clothing “is one of the most important resources for sending a message. It is what gives context and identity to an image.”

Pedro Mafama is from Graça in Lisbon. He defines himself as an artist dedicated to music. He has just released an album. Por este rio abaixo is a homage to traditional Portuguese music. He believes the Portuguese soul “is a soul that brings together all that we are: people from the north and from the south… from everywhere. A soul that brings together all the lessons of history and which demonstrates something to the world. That we have something to say and to teach.”

Ângela Ferreira, aka Kruella, is a visual artist. She works in digital illustration and, in her own words, paints “big murals.” For Kruella, “the Portuguese soul is synonymous with hospitality, a passion for things past, dedication to family and friends, friendliness. A fearless and bright soul.”

Joana Duarte. Designer and founder of Béhen. “For me, the Portuguese soul is my grandmother, because she taught me all the theories that are behind my label. How to treat the fabric, the type of embroidery, the colours, the lines. Even the stories they tell… they are made of my grandmother’s Portuguese soul.”

(Left) PEDRO MAFAMA — Artist dedicated to music: Shoes: Mariano Shoes; Blazer: Rafael Ferreira; Shirt and trousers: Luís Carvalho | (Middle) KRUELLA — Visual Artist: Overalls: Duarte | (Right) JOANA DUARTE — Designer and Founder of Béhen: Jack and jeans: Levi’s X Béhen; Shirt: Béhen

Photography: Frederico Martins
Styling: Sérgio Onze, Ruben Osório, Larissa Marinho

Photo Assistant: Pedro Sá
Production: Diogo Oliveira ‘Lalaland Studios’
Hair: Cláudio Pacheco
Make-up: Inês Aguiar

Watch the video here

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