Is the number of footwear brands and companies on the website: a portal created by the APICCAPS footwear association that presents Portuguese goods to international markets. From news to statistics, the Portuguese Shoes portal is the biggest tool for presenting Portuguese footwear and leather goods. The presentation in virtual showrooms is one of its major selling points.

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And counting… The number of professionals in the sector who have visited this professional platform —
Also, more than 700 professionals have already registered and are in regular contact with Portuguese companies, getting detailed information about new collections and products.


75% of Portuguese footwear companies have a website. This figure rises to 78% in the case of footwear component and leather goods companies. Almost 60% of companies are on Facebook, 37% are on Instagram and 21% are on LinkedIn. Moreover, a company’s presence on social media is not related to its size. Leather goods companies are the most active of this cluster. Only 27% of companies have an online store. Of these, 66% will take orders from anywhere in the world.


The commitment to their own brands is a major concern for the Portuguese footwear industry. According to data from the Footwear Technological Centre’s Industrial Property Support Office (GAPI), 272 new footwear brands have been created in Portugal since 2010.
Of the 272 brands created in the past 11 years, 203 were registered as EU companies. Only 69 were registered only in Portugal.


The pandemic has resulted in 42% of Portuguese consumers shopping online. According to a survey by McKinsey, 32% of respondents highlighted to convenience of online shopping compared to the high street.

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