Cláudia Barros, the dreamer

We call her that not because one of her last assignments for our magazine based on The Dreamers but because we truly see her as an individual moved by dreams.

We’ve been following her long before we got the chance together. She’s now 29 years old, she has both a BA and MA on fashion design and she envisioned many of the most memorable Vogue Portugal’s productions. As for today, she embraces her creative vision as a freelance stylist.

Each and every work she does feels like we’re going back to a place where we’ve been as happy as we could have been; it’s like living in a visual plot where each detail replaces all the words we could use. For us, she’s not only a dreamer but also a storyteller.

On her own words ‘SOUL is the core of each one of us and of us as a whole. Without SOUL the individual person is nothing more than a package. And it’s this essence we carry that makes us wake up every morning, it’s our moral compass, it’s what makes us be creative beings who are bale to tell stories and communicate emotions. SOUL is the place where hope resides, a place that, more than ever, we need to access constantly’.

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