Joel Alves, the perfectionist

In every day-to-day situation the clothes we wear are the quickest way of communication towards the others. Many could deny it but our garments are indeed the most reliable way of comunnication.

When we tell stories through clothes we might not choose the prettiest ones (and what’s ‘pretty’?) but we are keen on choosing the ones that can be worn by the models in order to create a character.

Joel Alves, a 25 years old stylist, has dedicated his life to the fascinating job of telling stories through clothes. After studying engineering, back when he was 18, he decided to change paths and came to Lisbon to work as a stylist.

He has worked with us for many past editions creating some of the most memorable editorials we have the pride of saying that are ours.

For him, ‘Soul is a self-defining word. I believe we Portuguese people love that particular word and we say it proudly and affectously. For me it translates to the power of showing who we are and a way to shape our actions and work’.

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