Patrícia Barnabé, the midas touch

Having a gift for words is something rare; whether those words are spoken or written. Even rarer is finding someone who combines both. Seeing us involved in a literary narrative of emotion and sensation are just some of the skills our (dear) Patrícia Barnabé manages to put into every sentence she writes. And which can, for sure, be read on the following pages.

She studied communications science and chose journalism because it is the most free way to think about and build a new world. She studied dance, art and aesthetics, music and cinema, English and German.

“Now I am a freelance journalist and I regularly write for a number of titles. I also experiment with new forms of publishing and content writing, whether creating magazines, doing interviews for documentaries, or writing for different titles, books, catalogues and labels, always in the areas of fashion, art, lifestyle and travel.” For Patrícia, “to have a soul is to have a background and a purpose. It is to reflect, debate and share. It is to move towards curiosity, astonishment and generosity in action. To do things well and beautifully when possible, to be constructive, to listen and to always pay attention. It is to love nature and the other in their humanity. It’s about making it all worthwhile even when it doesn’t seem so, about making it happen, shaking life up when needed. To have Soul is to have depth, character, truth and a big heart to match.”

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